5 thoughts on “So much for Sunday

  1. Mirada says:

    The Reader has gone beyond aggravating–I drove nearly an hour to get here and tell you I love the quote. It’s a hard lesson to learn–the whole intimacy and confidence deal, and I still get it wrong a lot. Heading home now, before the Super Bowl crowds make driving impossible!


    • ideflex says:

      Have a big bowl of chili to put things in order! This quote has special meaning for me lately as I also (am still learning) that many people don’t actually understand the concept of friendship. I can deal with acquaintances for the parameters are clearer but get very angry when people call you (or make it appear as though one is) a friend only because they want something – when it comes to reciprocating they disappear fast! Such is life…


      • Mirada says:

        Ahhh yes, seems we have yet something else in common–the issue of “reciprocation”. But I think the parameters are not necessarily clearer with acquaintances–at least, it seems blurry for me. Sometimes an “acquaintance” will surprise me with what they’re willing to do/give–that a “friend” is clueless/unwilling to put forth. Ya never know– as you said, “such is life”. Think I’ll pass on the chili, maybe make a huge pot of creamy potato soup–with broccoli, cheese, etc….


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