UUU – Challenge

uuu napoleon

was that emotion
Unloosed, Unlaced, Unknowingly
from some dark place
where even the Unanswerable
could not take Umbrage
and Untwist
Utter some oath
that might
Usurp time


Unravel the Unbelievable in the entries of Frizztext’s UUU – Challenge.

10 thoughts on “UUU – Challenge

  1. Caddo says:

    Wow, this is Incredible! You’re just too good at these, packing a whole mythic story into 30 words–I’m beyond impressed. I’m unhorsed.


      • Caddo says:

        So–if there’s a time when I don’t get something, should I tell you that? I don’t mind so much looking ignorant–but I wouldn’t want you to feel offended that I needed a “cheat sheet”, quick explanation. At the moment, this is my fave post of yours ever–but I’m sure there have been others I was equally blown over by. This one caught me up, making me want more of the story–the whole movie!


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