8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

        • Sometimes there is a way when there is no will, plus that’s 5 pounds you won’t have to worry about putting on before the next round of holidays – I am staying out of the stores just to make sure I don’t succumb….


          • Good plan–this time of year especially, the stores are like stepping into a psy-fi mind-altering machine. The “oh I have to have that” takes over, when you had no intentions to purchase, whatever. arrghh


            • What is that? I still haven’t been able to figure that one out…Halloween hadn’t even happened and they were clearing the shelves to bring in Christmas stock – I can’t keep up…


              • I thought it was my imagination, but I shopped the first week of October at a dept store–and they had the Christmas lights and outdoor decorations up. Totally nuts. For years now, I’ve shopped the after-Christmas sales only–that way I don’t have to do the lunacy which has apparently already begun… Rum is on sale, I may have to buy some for fruitcakes and medicinal purposes….


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