Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Out

acrosst the bored is out

with apologies to charles shulz


There is something to be said for taking a sabbatical – this may seem odd seeing that we are only two weeks in to the academic year but the idea of taking time off from those endeavours that are habitual and recurrent, the tasks that we do from some misplaced sense that they actually need to be done and that they make some difference to our daily existence, can be a good thing. This extended recess for adults can apply to anything from housework, making meals and doing laundry, chauffeur service, brushing the dog, getting dressed, answering the phone when we know it is not for us or those million things that we automatically do in the course of our jobs that we have just gotten used to and that are often taken for granted or overlooked.  The grown-ups in our direct sphere of influence can pretty much fend for themselves, in fact it might do them a world of good, so Across the Bored is (this week anyways) working to rule, not so much on strike as withholding time and effort that would be better spent on putting our own sh*t in order. 

The virtual world is no exception nor are other pursuits no matter what form they take.  When we start to ask ourselves why we are doing things, it is time to take a breath, step back and creatively refresh and regroup. 

Taking a cue from others who have done the same, for all intents and purposes, the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge is now – Out.


27 thoughts on “Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Out

  1. frizztext says:

    “…housework, making meals and doing laundry, chauffeur service, brushing the dog, getting dressed, answering the phone…” – you are right, maybe I should stop to play guitar …


  2. bennetta faire says:

    So, are we out (or off) for the winter, or “indefinitely”–or just wait ‘n see? I’m happy for a break–I tend to do the hamster wheel till my hair’s standing on end. Keeping you in my prayers always–and will watch for more entertaining TV ads.


    • ideflex says:

      I am giving the Two Cents Tuesday challenge a bit of a break primarily because of lack of interest – while readers “like” the post itself, it doesn’t seem to motivate them to actually respond in any way… Perhaps I will pick it up again later in the season but for now it will be my rant zone! Watch out rough road ahead! I am also going to use my temporary mood swing to become a little more selective about the posts I do spend my time on.


  3. Tee says:

    Oh, how I wish I could take a sabbatical just to write. I would travel to Ireland and find my muse and leave everything else behind. My days are spent with completing the routine. Just doing, doing, doing. I don’t know if I can call this living. Is it merely existing?


    • ideflex says:

      Just barely – it is, now more than ever for some kinds of women, to reassess whether we can or should be doing it all. I get the impression that there are a whole lot of people surrounding us that don’t seem to be working as hard or running as fast. Something’s gotta give!


    • Cardinal Guzman says:

      I’ve just returned from 3 weeks vacation and the vacation made me realize (even more than before) how boring, routinely and pointless my job is.
      I’ve started keeping an eye out for a better job, but most jobs that are out there are boring, lame and pointless and all about just getting money to pay the bills.

      Work is basically just modern slavery for the benefit of the banks.


      • ideflex says:

        I could never go back to a 9 to 5 job – no matter how tight things get (it seems to be feast or famine on a rollercoaster) there is nothing like being master of your own time… I’m that bad parent on the block that tells young people to get skills in school but look for something they love that they can do without sacrificing their life and time to a multinational….


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