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Not one to let things get too predictable, we finally got around to installing the “Random Post Generator” in the sidebar yesterday. Give it a click to see what it pulls out of Across the Bored’s archives – it just might be what you didn’t know you were looking for!

Thanks go out to Rarasaur for her post reminding us just how much fun this nifty widget can be.

19 thoughts on “Get Random

          • bennetta faire says:

            This is Day 2, still baking and cooking–the fans are cranked up to “wind tunnel” velocity and volume (can’t hear myself think, but that’s prob’ly a good thing). Windows are open too–but then I have neighbor issues…. I baked: banana bread, pound cake and Dutch Choc Applesauce cake; and I’m on the second cauldron of stove cooked bar-b-q beans and ham. I probably have a final cauldron to do (this is all leftover ham from “whenever”)–but will make it lentil soup with ham/onion (can I cook dried green peas in it too, for color and variety??). So, come on over–there’s more than plenty.


              • bennetta faire says:

                I’ll post that recipe–it’s not hard, or time-consuming at all, and SO YUMMY. Well, what happened was–I’m going to visit a blogger gal friend tomorrow, so I baked for her. She has health issues that make food/eating a real headache–so I figured maybe her husband could use “somebody else’s” cooking. And when I took all the ham out of the freezer, I had no idea it would make more than 3 pots-worth of “everything”. So in reality, I didn’t really end up clearing out the freezer–I’ll be refreezing much of it in a different meal-ready form. I do feed my neighbor frequently, so it’s all good. I just really love cooking/baking–and giving it away to somebody, anybody–therapeutic/cathartic and it allows me to feel Mother Theresa-ish for a few moments.


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