13 thoughts on “GGG – Challenge

  1. bennetta faire says:

    Oh, now yer just showin’ off–wanting to do both the hard and soft “G’s”!! Always got to raise the bar of excellence higher, doncha? Seriously, you always offer up something phenomenal, and this may exceed that. At first glance, my vision being imperfect, I thought the photo was of snow–maybe it was mild wishful thinking, as I’m SO ready for summer to be done-er. So, you’re on the west coast? I’m guessing much farther south than the Seattle area? For some reason I thought you were more easterly….curious bloggers.


    • ideflex says:

      Hahaha – only you could get away with that comment AND make me laugh out loud at the same time! Summer is pretty much over for for us, starting to be “back to school” season so that means returning to the routine (foreshadowing) which I am totally looking forward to…. always feel as though our year runs September to June with a no man’s land of vacation in British Columbia (where that seagull pic was taken), a ferry ride from Seattle: home is about 3000 miles east of that so you were right!


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