Bad App

bad appyou can even use it to call home

The blogosphere has conspired to keep Across the Bored from being productive, choosing instead to thwart our multitasking efforts at every turn by throwing a whole toolbox of technological wrenches into our proverbial gears  – pulled out of the ether for no apparently good reason, a dastardly deviant glitch-fest has boggled the mind and tested the limits of our patience.  The dreaded “403 Forbidden” has been appearing every time we have tried to access all your lovely blogs from the summary readers on the WP iPhone and iPad apps (good thing we still have a “real” computer monitor to track you down with) and it has also refused to actually register our “likes” even though it has told us it is “liking” and goes so far as to question whether we want to “unlike” once it has convinced us that we have been a good blog friend. We managed to discover this nifty little fact when we were forced to go back through the regular reader and catch up on over a week’s worth of missing blog posts. Missing? Oh yes, scads of your well-crafted, interesting, amusing and enlightening posts have not been appearing on our mobile reader – not even a summary, nothing…. We thought everyone was on vacation, it is July after all. So if it seems as though we have been remiss in visiting, commenting, liking and generally being the trickster that is Across the Bored, we apologize. We will do things the old-fashioned way for a while, sit a spell, save our eyesight and see things large and lovely the way they should be.

16 thoughts on “Bad App

  1. bennetta faire says:

    I’m So laughing at the thought that Everyone would be on vacation–hah, some of us are poor! The blogs are our work And our vacations, and for some (like moi) they’re church, family and friends as well. I predict someday they’ll even be food–and I’ll finally drop the 45 lbs I could do without. Sorry for the glitch issues, though–chin up!


    • ideflex says:

      More like a vacation from being plugged in – I can relate though… What’s the old adage “you can choose your friends but not your family” – in our blogging universes we can do both and so much more: it’s a rather lovely community that (usually) works exactly like it should and if we don’t like something out it goes! That reminds me, I have a garage to finish cleaning…..


  2. says:

    Mine has always worked ! Once I accidentally put WordPress Daily post in my Spam box and I too thought everyone was on vacation ! :)


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