Becoming a Painter again

NEM Painterly

Across the Bored has written previously of the inspiration to be found on EyeEm, the global photosharing community where one can find a wide range of styles and genres by artists and photographers of all levels. It gives people a chance to get more exposure for their work and also gets one interested in playing around with some of the nifty apps that are available for smartphones. Many offer filters and effects that, if executed by traditional means on canvas with paint and brush, would take considerably longer. Applied to photography, their application is relatively fast, the possibilities for correction forgiving and the creative permutations endless.

That said, we uploaded the photo below.

tomatoe series IIPhoto notes: iPhone 5 native camera, snapseed, camera awesome, glazed, and distressed fx

It was selected to appear in NEM Painterly – Featured Art 4 curated by MaryJane Sarvis – NEM, the New ERA Museum, “takes shape mainly to spread the concept of pristine Art, affordable and available to everyone by potentially forging new artists to new techniques of digital mobile processing.” We are truly honoured to be included amongst this group of talented and groundbreaking photographers.

If you would like to see more in our gallery, click on the EyEm icon in the sidebar. The fruit of summer is sweet indeed…

6 thoughts on “Becoming a Painter again

    • ideflex says:

      Thank you so much – EyeEm is actually less of an investment in time than I expected, how much or how little you put into your gallery is up to you! More is not necessarily better… Hope to see you there.


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