AAA – Challenge

AAA medieval

As An Arrow through the heart
Angelic luminance Assaults
making us Abandon All
our preconceptions
Automatic Abbreviations
Avowed illusions
About Art
for the Averted gaze
Asks us to Abdicate
Awestruck and Astonished
the Awkward visions
and rise Above
this Anarchy of the soul

to Awaken

Amble through the entries of Frizztext’s AAA – Challenge.

17 thoughts on “AAA – Challenge

  1. frizztext says:

    Imelda commented: “Those “A” words gave the poem a staccato rhythm. When you read it aloud, it seems like little pellets issue from the mouth…” frizz question: could one perform your lyrics like a rap / hip hop song?


    • ideflex says:

      Therein lies the exact point of the piece. One reader interprets the words as “staccato”, you take it to the next level with a metamorphosis into hip hop and it becomes something different again. Art today, ultimately, is less about what the artist envisioned and attaches to his creation than what the public can take away from it and make their own – the whole collaboration trend points in this direction. Whether the artist is willing to let go is another question completely…


  2. bennetta faire says:

    Wow, AWESOME. Okay, I don’t know if you can help me–I clicked on the link, and I feel like a total dweeb that I can’t seem to make sense of all the text there. I might like to participate in the challenge, but I’m a bit stumped….”A is for Awkward”.


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