Truly a New Era

NEM scifi

A huge thanks go out to OhmSweetOhm who not so very long ago directed Across the Bored to one of the newer (free) photosharing apps available for iPhone and Android. As an iphoneographer concerned with IP, and not having the desire or time to wade through the #selfies mire of some other sites around, this one in particular stood out –  EyeEm is a global community of photographers and artists posting their work in a wide variety of categories. Whether you download the app to your phone or cruise through the galleries online, it offers a glimpse into how and what the rest of the world is seeing.

That said, we uploaded the photo below.

NEM scifi thing

Photo notes: iPhone 5 native camera, no edits or filters – pure and untouched

It was selected to appear in the NEM scifi -selection 02 curated by Fabio D’Andrea – NEM, the New ERA Museum, “takes shape mainly to spread the concept of pristine Art, affordable and available to everyone by potentially forging new artists to new techniques of digital mobile processing.” We are truly honoured to be included amongst this group of talented and groundbreaking photographers.

If you would like to see more, click on the EyEm icon in the sidebar. It has finally stopped raining – things look just that little bit better today…

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