Story Challenge: Tagged “T”

tagged t

Talk not to me of Tipsy Cake
Tantric Tiramisu on a Table
Tart Twisted Tagliatelle
Tasty Toddies when you’re able
Taunt me not with Tacky Tapas
Tough guy Tamales by the score
Tawdry Teas Temerity
Tired Toast is such a bore
Tempt me not with Torte or Trifle
Tinned Tamarinds no Treat
My True Love is a Truffle
Tender Tiny sweet

Treat yourself to the entries in Frizztext’s Story Challenge: Letter “T”.

20 thoughts on “Story Challenge: Tagged “T”

  1. says:

    You are pretty good at this. How long does it take you to compose these > Very impressive. I would need a dictionary and a Thesaurus. : )


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