F is for Friday: Pavel Sinev


Garten Kunst – coiled garden hose sculpture

Always fascinated by up and coming contemporary sculptors, Bulgarian artist Pavel Sinev certainly fits the bill – young, european and original, he has the knack for taking ordinary materials and transforming them into recognizable objects that easily stand on their own merit. As realist media goes, it reminds one of the sculptural work of conceptualist Marcel Duchamp and Subodh Gupta, both of whom elevated the ready-made into art. Given enough time, Sinev may achieve their notoriety.


E-Gitarre – a truly electric guitar

Tightly coiling a single length of electrical cable into the desired shape, Sinev’s electro-art sculptures are held together with the help of zip ties. Ranging from the mundane pop bottle, vases of flowers and pairs of shoes to the more “social-statement” driven works like religious figures, Cleopatra in a gas mask and children’s toys, the artist succeeds in upending the viewer’s notion of what these everyday items should look like but more importantly, what we are used to seeing.


Ich speile nicht mehr mit … Played with no more

It is no small feat to achieve a precision of line and accuracy of form with basically what amounts to limited materials, two hands and an idea – that the artist is as prolific as his catalogue demonstrates is impressive.  This may be one to watch…

For more electro-art visit:

Pavel Sinev sculpture slideshow
More of Sinev’s work

4 thoughts on “F is for Friday: Pavel Sinev

    • ideflex says:

      Their simplicity is appealing and there is something to them that makes you want to reach out and touch them – even the prickly little bear!I’m looking forward to what else he comes up with…


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