February Spotlight Awards – Just what the Doctor ordered

Because Roz Chast knows all about it

Across the Bored has been feeling a little under the weather lately due to the fusion of PTXD (post-traumatic Christmas disorder), looming deadlines, long overdue wrap-ups and the general malaise that February in an arctic climate can bring. No amount of retail therapy can cure this although the exuberant Miss Z would beg to differ judging from her accounts of the marvels of Macy’s yesterday. We also learned that fated Tuesday that Chocolate Chili Chai tea and a banana for lunch, no matter how healthy, are not willing partners in any gastrointestinal dance – so with the dog sleeping off his all-night patrol duty, the Professor away on work-related pursuits and the Ghost and his partner-in-crime, the inscrutable Dr. Fu, otherwise engaged in the entanglements of university life, we have taken to our bed to watch endless episodes of Cake Boss on Youtube and catch up on computer stuff. Could be worse, we could actually have to justify our actions to someone other than ourselves….

Not to say that we are actually getting caught up on those past-the-due date emails and god forbid forwarded Facebook notifications which we have been consciously ignoring in some sort of unnoticed protest but we are being constructive, sort of.  The bright spot is that we were able to have a second cup of coffee this morning and a more leisurely look at a few of the posts popping up on the reader, discovering in the process some great music, photos and new blogs. It is time consuming. Somewhere around mid-afternoon the realization that we should get on with it kicked in.

What make us feel better in the grand scheme of things? Apart from the obvious and depending on the situation, much of the time it is pretty simple. Most recently it has been the reminder that yes, there is someone out there that is reading, enjoying and perhaps even being inspired by what we do. Our memo arrived via Nicole over at NMNPHX who was kind enough to include Across the Bored in her picks for her February Spotlight Awards!

spotlight-award-logo-finalEvery month she highlights 3-5 blogs that she has found “awesome”, telling her readers a little something about them and urging them to visit – we did and were glad for the effort. There is a Past Spotlight Winners link in her menu where you will find over 6 months-worth of blogs and perhaps even a few familiar names.  Ours can be a small world so be sure to check out Nicole’s blog – especially the “Spam Comment of the Week” posts!

Now, about those emails…

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