F is for Friday: Electro-Art


pavel sinev, 2012 – coiled electrical cable sculpture
OR – what could have been this afternoon

Those who have been reading for awhile may remember that a few months ago Across the Bored was embroiled in the marvelous Miss Z’s room reno which entailed not only repainting but much of an upgrade stylistically in the furniture department. With the general ambience settled into a cool blue zen vibe and minimal “stuff” to clutter what was to become a fresh start on many fronts, it has for the most part and as much as can be expected from the age of the occupant, remained relatively intact – except for one little detail.
In our haste to not paint over the halogen light fixture, it was removed without any thought about which wire would eventually have to be reconnected to which. Now on most days we are a bit of a stickler about organization whether it appears outwardly so or not, and if we had been working alone little bits of coloured tape would have been attached to the respective wires so we would know what was what – but, someone was rushing us and it just didn’t happen… the plan was to replace said ceiling light with something more befitting the new improved space but 4 months, 8 hardware/big-box stores and at least that many debates about style later, no new lamp.
Winter days in this part of the country can be grey at best and the floor lamp and mood lighting just weren’t cutting it so a drastic decision had to be made – the halogen would go back up until a new source of illumination was found. Anyone who has ever played this domestic game will tell you that taking a fixture down is infinitely easier than getting it back up – the first is usually a one-person operation whereas the second involves 4 hands, a step ladder, much cursing and minimal visibility. Miss Z being suspiciously unavailable for reinstallation purposes, we were forced to ask the Professor for help…
Not a good idea.
We usually do anything house/tool/craft/repair-related alone.
With good reason.

Lucky the breakers were off – let there be light….

Perhaps more on art and electricity next week.

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