Be heard


The Professor has on occasion accused us, and perhaps rightly so, of fomenting dissent – in this case we’d gladly wave a sign out the window if it were any help but alas…  What we can do is offer you this handy link to the raging ongoing debate about the new “look” we are all suffering with.  Go and see what other bloggers are saying about the topic and let your voice be heard – whether you cast aspersions or shine some apples, effect change from within.

11 thoughts on “Be heard

  1. Nicole says:

    Ugh – I think one of the reasons I’ve been slow to blog lately – aside from lack of energy – is when I first logged into WP after the holidays – this new format greeted me. It is very hard to navigate. I’ll make sure I go into that forum soon to voice my opinion.


      • Nicole says:

        Absolutely… when they made the switch a few months back, I found myself visiting FP less and less because it isn’t front and center on the website like it used to be.

        And now instead of FP picks displayed as snippets you can browse at once, it is in the same format as the Blogs I Follow list, which now requires you to scroll through each pick one by one.


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