Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

to do

how long have these been here?

Everyone knows that bad habits are hard to break but those that may masquerade as good ones are sometimes even more difficult. What once upon a time seemed like frivolity, a dalliance, a minor amusement, can become addiction, obsession, a time-sucking void upon whose edge we teeter precariously while all else falls away into the blackness of eternity.

So with that in mind, in an effort to fit as much creative productivity into 24 hours while still managing to get some sleep, attend to the quotidian demands of real life and retain some semblance of sanity without losing too many bits, Across the Bored resolves to:

  • Keep posting what the Muses hurl at us
  • Continue participating in the challenges to which we have become accustomed
  • Visit, like, reply to and thank our followers, readers and casual passers-by as much as humanly possible
  • Visit at least 5 “new” blogs a week


We also find ourselves having to:

So not bad in all, nothing all of us can’t live with and hopefully just as entertaining…

Find as many visual declarations as there are days in the New Year at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Okay, so I’m just a bit buzzy–did I understand correctly that Two Cents Tuesday will now be every other week, instead of weekly? That would SO work for me, absolutely (but if I read it wrong, I would still work my butt off every week for you…probably…yeah I’m pretty sure).


    • ideflex says:

      Yes, every 2 weeks- just can’t keep up (well I can but a whole lot of other things aren’t getting done!)- this way it will give people more time and hopefully get a few more entries. Week 2 I will post a little something on the same theme as a “reminder”. There’s an easy resolution!


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