with a lifetime of thanks to charles schulz

1 last minute hair cut, 12 banana breads and 4 X 4 dozen cookies later, Across the Bored realized that all the elves had jumped sleigh and today’s post would most likely wind up “This was Thursday (night)”….

6 thoughts on “Aaaacckk

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    I love it! My special Sis gave me a Charlie Brown apron this year–I really should wear it! The 12 banana breads beg me to tell you something: I’d heard that bananas could be frozen for baking later, when they were too ripe to eat–however, I don’t know what the freezer time limit is, or whether they should be wrapped first. I stuck mine (accumulated total: 10) in the freezer “as is”, and every time I opened the door, they waged an attack (bruises on the top of my feet). Worst of all, when I used 6 for a recipe this past week–they really smelled “old” and “freezer burned”, as the bread baked. Thank goodness my neighbor is a smoker–says he doesn’t have a discerning sense of taste–as I didn’t tell him about the frozen part, and he thought they were delicious. Ramble, ramble….


    • ideflex says:

      I’ve been attacked by a few in my time! I think their shelf life is just under a year, although I’ve found that the breads cook way faster when you use frozen rather than just plain ripe in the recipe – I would wager the frozen ones make a tastier bread for the chemistry is a little different – broken down sugars, etc. I figure anyone who is lucky enough to get one shouldn’t complain!


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