Negative Space – AKAM Photo Challenge

Cardinal Guzman is the host this week on a Norwegian photography website’s challenge ( and has chosen the theme of Negative Space.  Weather not permitting a large abundance of negative space in our corner of the globe at the moment, a backward glance through the archives brought forth two visions  –  both illustrate the two diametrically opposed sides of one city.

10 thoughts on “Negative Space – AKAM Photo Challenge

  1. Cardinal Guzman says:

    Very nice. I really like the colors in the clock tower photo. It’s a very clean and minimalistic photo, with a good use of negative space.
    The negative space, combined with the lines in the second photo almost makes you feel claustrophobic and trapped between the walls :)

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge!


    • ideflex says:

      Thanks so much. Looking at the wintry skies now it is hard to imagine that the sky was ever that blue…. That alley is actually that small – one has to turn sideways to pass another person!


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