Just another Sunday morning

Someone is bound to ask where the poppy seed ones are…

In the old days, we would have spread a dropcloth over the bedspread and lounged in bed with a cup of americano and copy of the New York Times Sunday edition.  This morning, a ten-spot is better spent on piping hot, fresh bagels, a creamy cappuccino from my own machine and the best of the globe’s weekend papers online.  In bed, of course…

For more info about these addictive morsels – sesame, cinnamon raisin, all-dressed and more, have a look at the links below:

The Bagel
The Montreal -style bagel
Fairmount Bagel
St.Viateur Bagel
Montreal’s Bagels Square Off Against New York’s
Murray’s Bagels: Worth the wait, every time!

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