Weekly photo Challenge: Big

Anyone remember Devo? Close your eyes, flash back to the 80s and listen to the words…

“I am a (wo)man with a mission and yes, I’m in a big mess”

The blogosphere resounds this week with a wild variety of pics for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Big. Our household vibrates with largeness of a different kind – the ever-expanding, threatening to swallow one whole, can’t get a handle on kind of volume that results from  its occupants less than domestic skills and acquisitive tendencies.  We are all, by nature, collectors: books and paper ephemera, photos, slides, paintings, shoes, action figures (don’t ask), silver oddments, bits collected on trips, the list goes on. While it makes for an interesting nest and provides many a topic of conversation for first-time guests, it does entail some time-consuming curating.

Miss Z takes great pleasure in saying that our house is more organized, cleaner and “way better” than those of her friends and while this may be true and is some small consolation, we are still overwhelmed by ….. a big mess.

Big pile of laundry: not mine – at least it’s clean

This particular Monday arrived with a big thumping of construction equipment down the street accompanied by the barking of the big dog making a big deal about the big cat that likes to harass him.  A big argument about the correct way to compost got things off to a big start and now a big pot of chili sits simmering on the stove while a big pile of laundry slowly gets done and a big pile of ironing increases hourly. A big window full of emails to be answered and notifications to view could have been a big headache but were softened by a big cappuccino. So it is only a blog about Big to finish with…

Ample are the resources at hand and
Astronomic the patience needed to endure
Bear-sized muddy footprints
across the floor;
Colossal are the olives plunging
Deep into the pot
Formidable are those whose efforts
Gargantuan become even more
Heroic in the retelling;
Immense are the skies above,
the stars a
blanket to wrap you in;
Monolithic proportions abound
around us
Newsworthy, noteworthy
Oversized and over-promoted
Preposterous art;
Queen-sized media
Rotund in its
Stupendous glory
a 21st century
Titanic of information so
Unbelievable, so
Voluminous in its pervasiveness
Wide-ranging are the possibilities…

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