Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Procrastination

From a tuppence to a toonie

Procrastination is the order of the day and in a effort to remain productive while still managing to avoid doing the really pressing work at hand, Across the Bored presents the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge!  What better way to waste time and let everyone know your tuppence worth (yes, we actually are soliciting your opinion!).  So without further ado, this week’s topic is all about that time-sucking void we all know and love (or despise) – Procrastination.

“How do you waste time, delay, put off, goldbrick, postpone, or shilly-shally?”


  1.  I will post some commentary on a random topic that pops into my head (such as the above) and then ask you to respond on the same in 2 lines.
  2. Feel free to attach photos or artwork that you have that fits the current week’s challenge.
  3. Please enter only once!
  4. The Challenge will be open for 6 days after it is posted.
  5. ENJOY, have FUN and TELL your friends and fellow bloggers.

Create a Two Cents Tuesday Challenge post

  1. Then add a link to your blog in my comment box.
  2. To make it easy for others to check out your post, title your blog post “Two Cents Tuesday Challenge” and add the same as a tag.
  3. Remember to Follow My Blog to get your weekly (hopefully) reminders.

Thanks to Cee for the simple format and to everyone who has visited, been reading and followed. You provide endless good reasons to procrastinate….

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