Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Contrasting Colours

Where have they gone?

It is a common occurrence in our house that searching for one thing leads to something completely different. It was on a such a mission, in the quest for material for a current project, that a long-forgotten archive popped up and presented exactly the right pic for Cee’s Foto Fun Challenge: Contrasting Colours. Taken in the garden quite some time ago, numerous photos of glorious blooms brought to mind the nagging question “Where did they go?” Not as in, all those lovely flowers are dead and where did they go, but rather that many of those very same perennials have not been seen in those specific locations in at least the last two years. Is it us who have been too busy to notice, otherwise occupied in trying to lay ground cover, removing tenacious weeds or concentrating on beautifying other areas of the garden? Did they flower at the exact moment we were on vacation?  It is a mystery – one that will not be solved until spring rolls around next year when we wait for those blossoms to peak out from the damp earth.  Or, as is more likely the case, we will forget and rediscover our photos next fall…

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