Travel theme: Foliage

One stretch away from dessert

Who knew photo challenges could be addictive? By Saturday night, we were wondering whether the universe had left us out of the loop and put out a wordpress query asking as much. Lo and behold, an answer did come out of the ether from Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? kindly inviting Across the Bored to participate in her challenge – Travel theme: Foliage.

In our part of the world fall foliage is a big deal – one can see gorgeous examples hanging over every street corner, maples and oak fanning glorious like peacocks on parade.  Central Canada and the Northeast Kingdom of the US have become an autumn tourist destination, with both the curious and well-acquainted making the trek to see just how vividly nature shows her colours.

In our backyard, we are surrounded by cedars, juniper, evergreens and an odd assortment of overgrown flowering bushes; the towering hundred year old maple will only turn long after many of its brethren are quite bare and so the bounty is of a different sort. Juicy pears and raspberries that have been here longer than anyone remembers are our harvest – just in time for thanksgiving.

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