An Endless capacity for Re-invention

Sustenance comes in many forms

The tornado that is Miss Z had declared some time ago that a room renovation was in order, the wish for change reflecting some of the transformations she herself had undergone in the past year.  As with many desires, expression is easy but their physical manifestation another story and so a simple paint job became not quite that. Make-overs mean reducing everything to bare bones – a clean palette before one can even think about the business at hand. Many years worth of stuff managed to migrate all over the house and now sits awaiting triage to be reduced and recycled or, if luck will have it, brought back into the confines of her new space. The effort to excise all that reminds one of bad love, sad times and dubious natures although trying is, in the end, liberating.  We should all attack life like the young and be unafraid to start afresh.

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